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Made by Mother Nature

Mother Nature inspires us in the design of our wipes. We use natural ingredients such as essential oils & white vinegar.

Made for Planet Earth

Many of our wipes are made with 100% plant-based materials that are good to you and good to our planet.

Made to Love

Our products are made with the highest quality ingredients. We get rave reviews on our wipes because they work.



" of the best yoga mat cleansers in the wipes category."


"...refreshing scent and no harsh toxic fumes...these affordable, large fitness wipes work on a variety of surfaces, including yoga mats."


"These wipes are perfect for on-the-go convenience."


"Ideal choice to clean your LCD screen, without the streak marks, and other surfaces like glass, plastic, and rubber on your exercise bike."


"Extremely safe...You can even use them to wipe the sweat off your face."


"Made with natural ingredients...[and] no potentially irritating toxic fumes. They’re great for yoga mats, weights and, yes, exercise bikes."


Safe for Kids & Pets

We create products that are safe alternatives to chemical sprays & wipes. Our natural products are safe to use with kids & pets.

Cruelty-Free Production

We believe that humanity must live in harmony with nature. Therefore we made a commitment to never test products on animals.

Carbon Footprint Offset

We are proud to partner with Ecologi in our commitment to plant trees & fund global carbon reduction projects to offset CO2 emissions.

Make your very
own wipes.

Biodegradable DIY Wipe Kits


We're a multigenerational family owned business based in South Florida, and proudly operating in U.S.A..