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Searching for the ultimate wipe for safe floor cleaning? Look no further! Wipex® Lavender Mop Wipes are the ultimate odor-eliminating, easy mopping solution for spotless floors. Ditch old rags and enjoy refreshingly clean scent in minutes! 

How do they work?

Wipex® Lavender Mop Wipes, the mess-free way to clean and refresh your floors without damage. These extra large 24-inch wet wipes for floors trap dirt easily thanks to their textured "dirt-trapping" cloth material. With just one pass, they lift grime that's hiding below the surface - no need for dripping mops and buckets!

And the fresh floral lavender scent fills rooms with the essence of clean. One sniff and you’re transported to blooming purple fields under blue skies. Who knew cleaning floors could be this pleasant? It's our little aromatherapy secret.


Wipex® Lavender Mop Wipes let you tidy up the responsible way. Unlike traditional floor wipes, ours contain zero plastic and are crafted entirely from plant-based materials that come from renewable resources. You can feel good using them knowing they align with your eco-friendly values. Made with minimal packaging, these mopping wipes made from compostable cloth empower you to make sustainable choices each time you clean your floors. With Wipex wipes, you don’t have to choose between convenience, performance or principles - have all three! Keep your home sparkling without guilt.


Specifically designed as wipes for mops, Wipex® Lavender Mop Wipes conveniently attach to popular floor mops including the cuban mop, sponge mop, squeegee mop, Swiffer® Sweeper® Classic, Swiffer® Sweeper® XL, Fabuloso® Dry and Wet Sweeper and many more. The oversized wipes also connect to brooms for easy cleaning.

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What kinds of floors is it safe to clean?

Wherever you wipe, the thick cloth traps dust and debris without scratching delicate surfaces. Safe to use on finished hardwood, laminate, tile, vinyl, stone, and more.

Naturally transform your cleaning.

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