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Wipex® Auto Interior Cleaning Wipes are a revolutionary 40-count pack of wipes engineered to keep your car's interior pristine and fresh. Infused with safe, natural cleaning ingredients, these large wipes are not only gentle on your skin but also safe for use on car upholstery, dashboard, detail trim, cupholders, floor mats, steering wheel, and any other part of your car's interior.

Non-Greasy UV Protection

Bid farewell to greasy residues and embrace a non-greasy matte finish that leaves your car's surfaces looking their best. But that's not all – these wipes also boast a UV protectant that helps shield your car's interior from harmful sun rays, keeping it looking new for longer.

Aromatherapeutic Blend

Imagine stepping into your car and being enveloped in the soothing lavender essence, transforming every ride into a serene and enjoyable experience. This unique blend of cleaning power and aromatherapy is sure to elevate your driving experience.

Compostable & Biodegradable

Crafted with sustainability in mind, Wipex® Auto Interior Cleaning Wipes feature plastic-free, 100% plant-based certified compostable and biodegradable cloth that is soft to the touch, ensuring gentle daily interior detailing without compromising on effectiveness.

*TUV-certified: OK home compost, OK industrial compost, OK biodegradable SOIL, biodegradable MARINE, biodegradable WATER.

Cupholder Compatible

The unique cone shape of the canister is universally compatible with all cupholders, making it a convenient and accessible car cleaning solution wherever you go.

Product Info

  • Count: 40 wipes
  • Package: Cone canister
  • Material: 100% plant-based viscose cloth
  • Wipe Size: Extra large 7" x 8"
  • Case: 12 units
  • Scent: Lavender

More Info

Whether you're seeking car wipes, wipes for car interior, a car cleaning kit, car upholstery cleaner, car cleaning supplies, the best interior car cleaner, an alternative to armor all wipes, or a self car wash solution, Wipex® Auto Interior Cleaning Wipes have got you covered. Restore the pristine condition of your steering wheel cleaner and inside car cleaner with this all-in-one, eco-friendly marvel.

Experience the ultimate in car detailing with Wipex® Auto Interior Cleaning Wipes – because your car deserves the best.

Naturally transform your cleaning.

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