Handy Jack Heavy Duty Cleaning Wipes 60ct Canister

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Handy Jack is trusted by professionals, crafters & homemakers alike to take on the toughest of grime and the greasiest of hands.When tackling any size mess, turn to Wipe of All Trades® to get the job done.

✔️ Skin Safe:Safe on hands and infused with Aloe Vera & Vitamin E.

🧽 Dual Textured: Dual textured cloth includes a soft side for delicate surfaces and a tough abrasive side which is textured for scrubbing.

🍋 Fresh Citrus Scent: clean with a fresh and light citrus scent.

🧼Heavy Duty Cleaning: easily remove tough grime, residue and most construction materials.

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❓What materials will these wipes remove?

Handy Jack easily removes a wide variety ofmaterialsfrom hands and surfaces, including: wet paint & caulk, oil grease & grime, adhesives & epoxy, ink & marker, mud, clay, wax, dirt, stains, appliance residue, scuff marks and mostconstruction materials.

Safe on hands with Aloe Vera & Vitamin E. Use at home, work, job sites or at the shop. These heavy duty wipes are great for garage, automotive, plumbing, painting, construction, crafts and maintenance settings.

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The ultimate heavy duty cleaning wipe. Powerful, yet gentle and safe on skin. Handy Jack comes with 60 dual-textured wipes. One side is tough for scrubbing, while the other side is gentle to clean skin. Know your hands will stay safe while taking on tough jobs with these Aloe Vera and Vitamin E enriched wipes.

The wipe of all trades tackles an array of messes to make clean-up a breeze! Perfect for the household projects and chores such as removing unwanted paint drippings, scrubbing off tough residue on the stove top and even wiping away those annoying scuff marks on your hard floors.

Naturally transform your cleaning.

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