Table Bussers® Plant-Based All-Purpose Cleaning Wipes | Autumn-Scented

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What better way to celebrate the season than with home cleaning that smells of autumn?

Introducing Table Bussers® All-Purpose Cleaning Wipes, crafted with real cinnamon and clove essential oils and cleaning vinegar, promising a delightful cleaning experience. With 400 wipes per package, you aren't likely to run out any time soon.

🍂 How does it work?

Unveil the power of nature with our vinegar-based cleaning solution, combining the potency of nature's ingredients with the convenience of modern cleaning. The result? A natural cleaning power that tackles dirt, grime, and stains, leaving your surfaces spotless and your home smelling like a cozy autumn day.

Experience the joy of autumn-scented cleaning with Table Bussers® – your ticket to a refreshing, nature-inspired home cleaning ritual. Safe for your family, kind to the environment, and powered by the essence of fall.

🌎 Kind to the planet & your wallet

Convenience meets eco-consciousness with our easy-to-store dispensing bucket, designed for hassle-free access and neat storage. Say goodbye to bulky cleaning supplies cluttering your space – our compact bucket of 400 wipes offers unbeatable value without compromising on the quantity or quality. Plus, our wipes are made from a plastic-free, 100% plant-based cloth, ensuring guilt-free cleaning that's gentle on your home and the planet.

🔎 More info

  • Wipe Count: 400 wipes per bucket
  • Wipe Size: 8” x 8” (20 x 20cm)
  • Material: 100% Plant-Based Viscose

  • Naturally transform your cleaning.

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