All-Purpose Natural Cleaning Wipes | Compostable Cloth | Portable Dispensing Bucket

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Infused with cinnamon and clove oils, these wipes will leave behind a hint of this gentle essence every time you clean, for up to 10 minutes!


You need quick, safe, & simple cleaning. Table Bussers® are eco-friendly, non-toxic, & kid-safe surface wipes. Allow nature to grace your home with the gentle essence of fresh cinnamon & clove. Wipes made from eco-friendly 100% plant-based cloth.

Healthy & eco-friendly. Affordable natural surface cleaning with 400 premium wipes per bucket. Non toxic all-purpose cleaning wipes that are perfect for cleaning toys, tables, counters, shelves, and all other hard surfaces in the home, office, and car.

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By now you probably understand that there is something seriously wrong with traditional cleaning products. Wipex® Table Bussers is the perfect fit for you if:

• you're sick of constantly using dirty old rags on your tables & counters

• you're tired of burning through endless rolls of paper towels and need an affordable cleaning solution 

• you're looking to rid your home of toxic chemicals to protect yours & your family's health

With Wipex® Table Bussers, before long you may wonder how you ever cleaned your surfaces with anything else. The time has come to return to nature.

Naturally transform your cleaning.

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