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Keep your gym sparkling with Wipex® Natural Fitness Equipment Wipes. Our cleaning wipes use natural ingredients like white vinegar and naturally fragrant essential oils for the natural environment you want in your wellness center. These bulk refill rolls contain 700 natural wipes each. Refill rolls fit most large dispensers and are perfect for your home gym, wellness center, or commercial fitness club.

Compatible with Germ-Away & Wipex Wall-Mounted Dispensers, and most other wall/floor-mounted dispensers.

Zero Damage

These fitness cleaning wipes are made with clever gentle and natural ingredients to protect your fitness gear from corrosion, damage, daily dirt, sweat, and grime. Our formula is specially engineered to thoroughly clean your massage table or other fitness gear without the fear of cracking, or ruining upholstered material.

Compostable Cloth

Our wipes are made with 100% plant-based viscose cloth which is a renewable resource. Plant-based wipes break down more quickly than synthetic plastic-based wipes and can even be composted for more responsible waste.

More Info

If you're reading this, by now you likely understand that there is a lot wrong with traditional gym cleaning products. These fitness wipes will keep your weight room or fitness studio fresh & clean, without any unpleasant smells. Allow yourself to feel the graceful presence of nature, even during the most intense workout.

Wipex® for Yoga & Fitness is the perfect cleaning solution if you are looking to preserve your workout equipment without damaging upholstery, save precious time cleaning, or want to rid your life of toxic chemicals to protect your gym members' wellbeing. Our gym wipes use cleaning ingredients that are non-harmful to humans and cloth made from renewable resources for the earth-friendly atmosphere you want in your wellness center, massage practice, chiropractic office or gym.

Each bulk refill roll contains 700 plant-based wipes. Keep your gym sparkling with Wipex® Natural Fitness Equipment Wipes. Refill rolls fit most large dispensers and are perfect for any pilates or yoga studio, chiropractic, massage practice, wellness center, or commercial fitness club. They work great on fitness equipment such as Pelotons, cardio machines, massage tables, chiropractic equipment, workout benches, weight racks, & dumbbells.

How to Set Up

Setting Up Your 700 Count Wipes Refill Roll for the First Time

Products Specs

  • Wipe Count: 700 wipes per roll
  • Wipe Size: 8 in x 9 in - Extra Large
  • Material: Biodegradable 100% Plant-Based Viscose
  • Compatible With Virtually All Floor and Wall-Mounted Gym Dispensers
  • Naturally transform your cleaning.

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