Wipex® Wall-Mounted Wipes Dispenser for Refill Rolls

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Give your Wipex Refill Rolls a home! Perfect for gym, yoga studios, and other commercial fitness facilities.

Compatible with all Wipex and Germ-Away refill rolls, as well as most other wet wipe bulk refill rolls!

The Wipex® Fitness Wipes Dispenser means easy access to Wipex® Fitness Wipes for you and your gym members. Rest easy knowing your gym equipment is clean and protected from daily sweat, dirt, and grime. Wall-mounted dispenser is available in either sleek black or clean white.

Installation Instructions

1. Install unit on wall with the dispensing-nozzle facing upwards! Hint: Install the unit at a height where all users can reach the top.

2. KEEP wipes in the bag to retain moisture! To open bag please follow directions on the label at the top of the bag. Pinch and pull up the center wipe from the bag.

3. Open dispenser door by inserting the key into side of unit and unlocking (don't lose the key).

4. Place bag on the base inside the dispenser. Thread wipes up through the dispenser nozzle.

5. Close the door until it latches shut. Note: The weight of the wipes may cause some shift in the door alignment, gently align door with the unit to close securely. Keep the wipe bag clear of the door lock. Note: The Wall Dispenser was designed to be very lightweight. This helps keep the overall wall load weight to a minimum when combined with heavy wet wipes.

Naturally transform your cleaning.

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