Natural Essentials® Wag Time 400 Plant-Based Bulk Pet Wipes | Pamper & Deodorize | Large Bath Wipes for Dogs & Cats

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Natural Essentials Wag Time® helps soothe itchy paws. Now you can conveniently refresh and deodorize your pets without the need to rinse. Cleaning your dog or cat is as easy as shouting “Wag Time”!

Refresh your pet with a unique plant-based cloth wipe, without the need to rinse. Wag Time® Paw & Bath Wipes are natural, super effective, and eliminate the need to rinse.

Discover why cat and dog owners are touting Natural Essentials® as the best hygienic pet wipes on the market!

Natural Essentials Pets is committed to creating healthy natural wipes for pets. Wag Time® Paw & Bath hygienic wipes are made of natural ingredients and plant-based compostable cloth. They are a convenient replacement for giving them a good hose-down or bath. Now your dogs and cats can really put their best paw forward.

Now you can affordably treat your pets with a pampering groom session or give our wipes as a thoughtful gift to your fellow pet owners. 

What's So Special?

• Natural Ingredients - All of our hygienic pet wipes are made with all-natural ingredients to safely clean your precious pups and kittens. Natural blend specifically formulated to soothe itchy paws and irritated spots.

• 100% Plant-Based - Wipes are made from the finest and softest eco-friendly biodegradable natural substrates.

• Soft and Gentle - Each hygienic wipe is made with the softest natural fibers for sensitive areas.

• Large Wipes - These big 8" x 8" wipes make for cost-effective and efficient cleaning. 2-3 XL wipes is enough to thoroughly and full clean even most BIG dogs!

More Info

Our wipes are the go-to solution for daily pet grooming. They are made from 100% viscose cloth, which is a sustainable plant-based fiber. It is deliciously soft, yet strong enough to tackle any mess. These wipes are large and extra thick to clean all 4 paws and give your pup a good wipe down, all with one wipe! Get rid of bad odors while leaving a subtle hint of lavender for ultimate hygiene. A fragrance-free version is also available. 

Wag Time® hygienic pet wipes wipe away daily dirt buildup and odors, all while the natural blend of ingredients actively nourishes your pet's paws and fur. Infused with Chamomile, Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, Pro-Vitamin B5, and Oatmeal to help soothe dry, itchy skin. Your pups won't stop wagging at the thought of getting clean with Wag Time®!

Harlan Kilstein, Top Dog & Publisher of The Dogington Post proudly uses Natural Essentials™ Pet Paw & Bath wipes to clean his Pomeranian Kalba.

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Naturally transform your cleaning.

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