DIY Compostable Wipe Rolls | 100% Plant-Based Dry Wipes

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Create your own hand and surface cleaning wipes! Receive 12 plant-based dry rolls of our DIY dry wipes. Use these wipes with our DIY Mix-It-Up Wipe Kit and start getting creative!

Take back control over your cleaning products with our DIY Mix-It-Up Wet Wipe Kit Refill Rolls.

Ever wanted to create cleaning wet wipes with your OWN formulated liquid?  Want to minimize waste? We've made it super simple for you to create your own eco-friendly wipes. Our DIY Wipe Refills Kit is made with premium eco-friendly materials; 12 rolls of plant-based wipes.

Perfect for beginners and experts alike. Get creative and start making your own hand and/or surface wet wipes. Every refill kit contains 12 rolls of 50 dry 100% plant-based wipes.

How to Use

Follow these simple steps:

    1. Place a single refill roll into an empty DIY wipes canister.
    2. Gather and mix together all of your desired liquid ingredients and essential oils.
    3. Pour the liquid mixture into the pre-packaged dry wipe canister. (Tip: We recommend about 5.5 ounces of liquid, or less, for the size of the canister)
    4. Mix-It-Up! Shake up the canister and let it sit for the dry wipes to soak up your mixture.
    5. When ready to use, thread the first wipe through the dispensing lid and you're ready to start cleaning.

The possibilities are endless! There are countless cleaning combinations you can make. Don't forget to create a fun and creative label to stick onto your canisters so you know which cleaner is which.

Product Specs

  • 12 dry rolls of 50 perforated 100% viscose compostable wipes per kit.
  • WIPE SIZE: 5 x 7 inches
  • Wipes made from biodegradable eco-friendly 100% plant-based cloth.

Naturally transform your cleaning.

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