Is Cleaning Therapeutic? How Tidying Up is Healthy for Mind and Spirit

Is Cleaning Therapeutic? How Tidying Up is Healthy for Mind and Spirit

Is cleanliness really next to Godliness? It seems the old adage stands true.

The act of cleaning holds many mental benefits. Cleaning can improve your mind and soul by decluttering and giving you time to focus your energy.

Cleaning is Healthy for Your Mind

Not only can clutter in your home make it more challenging to focus, but it may even lead to confusion and tension. Further, a study published in “Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin” even found that women who live in cluttered spaces were more likely to be depressed than those who lived in cozy homes.

This is because living in a cluttered and messy home can lead to negative emotions and irritability. In the brain, clutter can represent unfinished business and incompleteness. Particularly when individuals are experiencing stressful events, and situations outside the home, coming home to a cluttered and messy home can exasperate their stress.


Cleaning, on the other hand, can be good for your mental health. It can help you destress after an overwhelming day and gain more control over your life.

The Psychology Behind Cleaning and Decluttering

Cleaning can directly impact your mental health. Not only does it have many positive effects on your mental health, but the act of conscious cleaning can even help calm your mind. Let's explore more of the mental benefits of cleaning below.

5 Ways Living in a Clean Home Can Improve Your Mental Health

Your mental health is impacted both directly and indirectly, thorough cleaning. For example, cleaning allows you to control your environment and participate in repetitive behavior that can give you a sense of control when your life is in chaos. Additionally, cleaning may release endorphins because you are getting your body moving and staying active.


Further, cleaning helps to improve your focus and can even improve your sleep quality. Statistics from the National Sleep Foundation show that 19% more people are likely to get a better night's sleep if they make their beds every morning, and 75% have reported sleeping better under freshly washed sheets.

 Finally, a clean smelling home can lift your mood because quality cleaning products that contain essential oils can improve your mind and wellbeing!

How Cleaning is Good for Your Soul

The conscious practice of cleaning is a powerful tool. Those who have the best hygiene habits can also experience a boost in their soul and spirituality. Several different spiritual and religious groups have experienced the benefits, including. For example, Buddhist cleaning practices involve sweeping your home from top to bottom and extending these cleaning practices to your mind and body. So not only is your home clean, but your mind and soul are cleansed as well.


Cleaning allows an individual to focus on the present and how their body interacts with their environment. Mr. Shoukei Matsumoto, a Buddhist monk, describes how cleaning has become an essential aspect of enlightenment; he states, "Ancient teachings tell of one of Buddha's disciples, who reached enlightenment by constantly sweeping, while chanting, ‘Clean off dust.’”

Further, cleaning can help us express our satisfaction and respect for the world that surrounds us. When you clean, you have the opportunity to use it as a meditative practice where you can focus your mind and energy on the task at hand. 


By doing so, you can center yourself and experience a powerful mindfulness booster that can help improve anxiety and remedy other strong feelings you may be experiencing. 

Tips on How to Always Keep Your House Clean

Now that you know how cleaning can impact your mind and soul, it's time to review the best tips on how to clear up clutter and how to stop being messy. Some of the best advice on how to always keep your home clean include:

  • Make your bed.
  • Do a load of laundry every day.
  • Set a cleaning schedule.
  • Spend 15 minutes at night and 15 minutes in the morning cleaning up.
  • Place cleaning supplies in places that are easily accessible.
  • Have a spot for everything.
  • Involve your entire household.
  • Clean up as you make messes.
  • Declutter whenever you can.

Final Thoughts

Maintaining a clean household has benefits for both your mind and soul. Not only does it impact your mental health, but finding cleaning motivation can keep you happy and healthy. Yet, the cleaning products that you use can make your cleaning experience even better and further enhance the benefits you achieved through cleaning.

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