Nontoxic Living Tips To Create A Virtually Chemical-Free Home

Nontoxic Living Tips To Create A Virtually Chemical-Free Home

Harmful chemicals seem to be everywhere in our daily lives, and it can be very unsettling to think about what those chemicals are doing to your and your family's health over time. If you're thinking about switching to toxin-free lifestyle practices for your family, it can be challenging to know where to start. Continue reading for some actionable nontoxic living tips that you can easily apply to your everyday life. Start your journey to raising a healthy family through these natural alternatives.


Choose Organic and Local Foods 

Organic food products are those grown and produced naturally. For produce, this means that no chemical-filled fertilizers or pesticides were used. For meat, this means that the animals were not given growth hormones or antibiotics. Additionally, this includes non-GMO crops and eliminates the use of artificial dyes, flavoring, and sweeteners.

Choosing local meats and produce is often a healthier and more sustainable option. Try visiting local markets to see what natural foods for families are sold there. You may even get a clear picture of where the food is coming from and how it is grown by speaking with the merchant.

Purchasing organic foods can get expensive, so eating an entirely organic diet is not possible for many families. Instead, start by switching out your family's most frequently consumed food and snacks with organic options.

Avoid The Use of Pesticides

When it comes to eliminating chemicals from your home, one area you may not think about is outside your home. Avoid the use of chemical weed killers and pesticides in your yard. This is where your children and pets play, so this area should be considered, too, as you’re transitioning to a nontoxic lifestyle. 

Leave Your Shoes At The Door

This next step can be applied to your life today, and it's completely free - take your shoes off!

You can't control the chemicals that you and your family will encounter out in the world. So, you must ensure that those germs, chemicals, and other harmful substances are left at the door. Be sure to take your shoes off, and remind your family to do so as well so that you are not tracking pollutants into your home.

Add Greenery To Your Space 

Plants and greenery are a great addition to any space. They create an inviting atmosphere and liven up any room with their bright colors. However, plants are not only visually appealing but also purify the air in your home.

Snake plants, peace lily, and succulents are all low-maintenance and affordable plants that only need water and sunlight every few days to stay alive. So, they won't be a huge burden to maintain and add health benefits to your home.

Opt for Nontoxic Beauty and Skincare Products 

Every day, you could be applying hundreds of chemicals directly to your face through your skincare and makeup routine - yikes!

Luckily, there are many high-quality natural alternatives for cosmetic products. Do some research to find out find alternative natural products to replace the products containing chemicals that you’re currently using.

Don't worry; you don't need to throw out all of your products and start over. Instead, switch to natural alternatives as you finish up the products that you currently use.

Switch To Natural Fragrances 

A happy and healthy home should smell nice, and between dirty laundry and stinky shoes, it can be tempting to reach for air freshener sprays, scented wall plug-ins, and more.

Unfortunately, these products are filled with chemicals, including phthalates and ethanol, that may not even be disclosed in the products' labeling. Many of these chemicals are considered carcinogens and can have a range of health consequences, from endocrine disruption to bone health impacts.

Instead of these harmful products, invest in an essential oil diffuser for fragrance or pick up some fresh flowers when you go to the grocery store or market.

Choose Nontoxic Cleaning Methods

If you have messy children and pets, then keeping your home cleaning is a daily task. You probably wipe down the surfaces in your home at least once a day and clean the floors at least once per week.

It is essential to choose baby-safe home cleaning products free of chemicals, especially on those surfaces that your family touches daily.

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